Marketing Focus

Bringing brands, products and target customers into focus - this is how I develop marketing strategy.  Cohesive marketing through all aspects of a company drive success.  


I have learned through, management and hands-on experience, that a successful marketing plan comes from ensuring that all aspects of a company are considered - from product development to inventory to distribution.


Creative consulting is provided to start-ups, established businesses, and agencies.  

Looking forward with effective business​ development

I develop marketing programs for sales and growth. Beautiful brands have little value unless they are positioned properly.  I managed sales and marketing for Mignon Faget - taking this small local jewelry business from $1.3 million to $13 million and localized a launch for PrimeCo Personal Communications and Verizon Wireless to success with overlooked customer targets.  For Sucre, a local Sweet Boutique, I developed a wholesale line and successfully launched the company in the national gourmet food market.  

Where can your company go with more effective marketing and more effective sales training?

Pride in every piece​

I have worked with many talented graphic designers, directors and clients.  I know how to bridge ideas between clients and artist for maximum effectiveness.  


I am proud of the work produced through many great team efforts.  

Marketing Self-sufficiency
I have managed several businesses and understand profit and loss.  Not everyone has a large marketing budget and every dollar spent must generate revenue.  It is for this reason I enjoy working with small businesses and teaching them how to be marketing self-sufficient.  Very often that starts with a website the client is able to maintain.
I help build the initial site, teaching the client how to keep the site up to date moving forward.  This works for several aspects of marketing.  


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